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Brochures 4 Business - Brochure Design UK

Our specialist team ensures that we constantly deliver and maintain our clients image in all media used for communication. Our portfolio includes the following:

• Brochure Design

• Logo Design

• Presentation Design

• Advertisement Design

• Corporate ID

• Stationery Design

• On-Line Page Flip Brochures

Who is Brochures 4 Business

Brochures 4 Business is a trading name of Chilli Creative Ltd and we have been established for over 8 years.

Chilli Creative specialises in three areas of business

Website design and development via their brand Chillisite.

Brochure Design via their brand Brochures 4 Business

Graphic Design via their brand Chilli Creative

All work carried out is to a very high standard with no compromises.

Brochure Design Services

Website Upgrades

We are currently going through and recoding each website to ensure they work well on PC’s, Macs, Tablets and Smart phones. This does include removing and replacing flash technology.

Latest News

Projects and FAQ CMS

We have just launched a new software which allows clients the ability to log on to write about their projects and upload photographs. Includes a FAQ section that works in a similar way and is fully integrated. This addition is free to all Chillisite clients.

Brochure Design

Brochures have been a useful marketing tool for businesses across the world for many years.  The fact that they are so versatile means that they can suit the needs of any size business or organisation ranging from sole traders to large multinational companies.

Brochures can be found in shops, banks and other local business premises advertising the various products or services that are available and most people have received brochures from various organisations in the post. This is because brochures are a proven successful method for advertising products or services whether they are left somewhere for people to pick up of their own accord, or they are delivered directly in the hope of increasing awareness of a particular product or service. To put it simply, brochures work very well.

Brochures are ideal for most businesses for a number of reasons, the most logical of which being the fact that they are cost-effective. They are very inexpensive when compared to other advertising methods that reach out to such a large number of people, such as TV and radio advertisements or door to door sales techniques. Once a brochure is designed it can be printed and duplicated many thousands of times and it often works out considerably cheaper to print them in larger quantities.

Effective brochure design

The key to creating a successful brochure that produces sales leads is all in how the brochure presents itself and represents a business to the reader. There are a number of points to consider when selling a product or service with the use of a brochure.

•  The design of a brochure will usually determine whether or not the potential customer will read the content. To be effective the brochure needs an eye-catching design that fits in well with the product or service for which it is providing information about.

•  The layout is particularly important because the brochure needs to provide the potential customer with as much information about the particular product or service as possible without being too difficult to read.

•  The target audience needs to be engaged when reading a brochure. The brochure needs to answer the reader's questions as and when they arise. When a reader feels that the majority of their questions about a service have been answered then they will feel that they have received sufficient information to allow them to proceed to the next step, which is to look for contact details.

•  The  content is the key to any brochure. Brochures need to provide enough information about the product or service offered so that the potential customer finds it useful, but not so much information that it becomes difficult for the reader to absorb all of the information that it contains.

Why businesses need brochures

A brochure will give any business or organisation the credibility that it needs to attract more potential customers. A business will be able to build a brand and increase brand awareness through the creation of leaflets and brochures. Consumers tend to use the products and services from brands that they trust, and paying attention to details by taking the time to print brochures is a great way to build consumer confidence and trust in any brand. In terms of cost a well-designed brochure is without doubt the most successful marketing tool available.